~ What Is Love Hotel?? ~

How is everyone?:)
I am fine^-^

Today, I would like to introduce everyone about the Love Hotel♪
Have you ever heard about the Love Hotel?

Maybe, a guide book don't have such information~:O
Hehe you are lucky!XD haha
Love Hotel is familiar with Japanese that is enjoyable place for couple♪
Couple take a rest there about 2 ~ 3 hours or more for playing game or watch video or whatever in a private room.
Of course you can stay overnight too!!^__^


みてください!!:D(Please Look!!)
This is the one of a room of typical love hotel B)
The price is about 4000yen ~ 5000yen(40~50$)per a room for take a rest about 2 ~ 3 hours or more:P
The price and the time is depend on hotel and time~.


Love Hotel's atomosphere is lovely. wow*o*
 If you wanna stay overnight, you can pay about 9000 ~ 13000 yen(90~130$) per a room.


You can find such a Love Hotel kind of everywhere~.


How was Love Hotel? :D
I want to know everyone's idea x) aha

And you know, the price can be cheaper than normal hotel :D
So when you get troubled to find a hotel to stay, you can try to go Love Hotel:)
Of course just one person is ok too^-^

give me your comment~ xD

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