~ Japanese Number Plate Rule Is Strange?? ~

Have you ever thought about Japanese Car's Number Plate?? B) hehe
Maybe You haven't ~ x)
So today, I would like to introduce about Japanese car's number plate:)
AH! You thought that's boring topic now didn't you?XD
I would like to change your mind ~ B)

This is my family car:D hehe 
This is my family car's number plate:)
"横浜" is the location where my family bought the car:D
"501" is the number that is decided by the car's engine displacement and the size:)
"も" is the "Hiragana" for avoid to duplicate with the other car.
"83-19" is also for avoid to duplicate with the other car x)
 But you can change the number by paying extra money if you want:D 

I think that is mostly same with your country's number plate of rule:)
But there are some prohibitted Hiragana for a number plate:O
For example,
・"あ" :because this character looks, sounds like the other some Hiragana like "お","す","む"
・"し" :because this Hiragana sounds same with "death" in Japanese.
・"ん":because this sounds is hard to hear^^; haha
but there is one more prohibitted "Hiragana" for a number plate! B)

What "Hiragana" is prohibitted for a number plate??B) think think think~~xD
Thinking time~♪ Lalala~ lalala~ lalalalala~♪ hun hun hun hun huuuun~~♪

The Answer is..

"へ" : Because this Hiragana sounds like "gas,fart" in Japanese...XDDDDDDDD
What a weird reason..xD haha
Who made such strange rule..xD nyahaha XD

I am sorry for people who read this post before eating..xD
Bye-cha from Japan!!x)

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