~ Japanese Men Eat Any Weird Food For Pretty Women ~

Are you fine today too?:D hehe
I hope so!!

By the way, I have question for men first!!:D hehe

Can you eat food with big smile for pretty women who cook the food for you??xD

I don't answer for the question though ~♪

I found the curry and stew who cook the pretty anime girls ~ B) haha
It's Strawberry taste though...B)  ( As you can see, the price is about 5$ for one person...expensive..XD)

Can you eat it with smile and say Oishii ??XD haha

And I also have question for women!! x)

Do you want men to say "not good" if the taste is really not good??
I mean do you want men to be honest to the taste of your cooking?

Tell me everyone please!!!!X))) haha
And the answer may help your life ♪ ahaha

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