~ Japanese MacDonalds Is Small?? ~

Hello everyone!!!!:D
Today, I ate the MacDonalds for breakfast!!!! wow B) I could break morning perfectly!!B) haha
It's been a long time to eat MacDonalds for me:D

We call MacDonalds "マック(Mac)" actually!!XD hehe
But west side area's japanese people call it "マクド(Macdo)" xD
What about your country?x)  gegege( Scary laughing XD)
I shared them with my mom and dad x)
It's about 2000yen (20$) for everything!! ummm Mac is expensive^^;;;

I think this is Japanese Original Macdonalds Burger!!:D
It's "Tsukimi Burger":D
"Tsukimi" is kind of japanese culture that enjoy looking at the Moon:)
You can enjoy Tsukimi Burger during August and September :D (October too? I don't know..^^; )


This is the inside of Tsukimi Burger!!:D
There is a fried egg and two sliced becons and humburger:D
The fried egg looks like the moon right?:D hehe

This is Fish Burger!!
umm I think it's small...isn't it??:O
Make bigger one MacDonalds-san!!!!xD ganbatteeee!!!!XD

This is the Double Cheese Burger!!:)
I like it^-^
Good job MacDonalds-san!!x) haha


How was the Japanese MacDonalds??
Actually I like to eat Mac sometime though, my image of Mac is expensive and small size^^;;;;
Is it because Japanese Mac??

What do you think about it?:D
And I am curious to your country's Original Burger!!!!:D hehe
Tell meeee please!! x)


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