~ Suica Make Your Travel Smooth In Japan:D ~

How is everyone?:D
I am good. I am writing being quite because it's 1:20am now here~:x Shii~please:x hehe

Today I would like to introduce everyone "Suica" :D
Do you know what is Suica?:)
Maybe no~B) haha
This is my Suica!!!!*o* Jaja~n!!♪
Oh~looks old x) aha
This card can make your travel more smooth:D
You don't need to wait long time to buy a train ticket!:)
You can charge money into the card so the card can work as a ticket if the money is enough :D
If you put your suica on the suica mark of the ticket gate, you can through the gate:D hehe

But, if the money is not enough, the gate sounds "kinkooon!!!XD" and keep close XD so take care~xD

And!! You can use it convenience store when you buy something :D also some vendingmachine:D
Cool!! B) hehe
You can be popular if you have it!!B) (Joking!!)

The cool card's price is only 500yen!!XD haha
Let's make your travel more smooth to buy Suica!!:D hehe^-^

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